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Packraft / Canyon
Packraft / Canyon

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The Verdon river is really famous for all the kayakers ! 

The canyon lasts 27 km, the water is turquoise blue, rapids are grade 2 to 4, and the landscapes are amazing. 

All kayaker has to ride this river at least once during life ! 

We can guide you inside and give you the opportunity to explore these 27 km. 


Technical prerequisites

- Be confortable in grade 3-4

- Be able to roll (some tests will be done before)

- Get all your gear and kayak well fitted 


450€ / group (until 4 persons)

(Guiding and shuttle)

What to prepare

- kayak and gear

- Safety equipment (ropes, carabiners, ...)

- Picnic and water

On this river, we have a dam. If the dam is open, we can ride the river. In July, August, it's open every Tuesday and Friday. 

In April, May, June, we know if the dam is open or closed just one day before. 

In case if the dam is closed, we can guide you on others rivers close to the Verdon ! 


Rafting is an amazing activity to discover the Verdon Gorges.

We describe this river like an amazing  place, a river with rapids and a landscape that you've only dreamed of...

We organize family tour and sportive course


Floating is known to be an unforgettable experience...

Floating, or Aqua Rando is a mix of activities : swimming in the rapids, hiking and base jumping (optional between 2 and 10 meters high). 

Imagine yourself on a half day or day-long adventure in one of the most remote and wild parts of the Grand Canyon du Verdon.

For the family, we have also a tour dedicated for you !